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>> we take on ets, monday night football and open up their stadium. what a great way to start off the season. >> tte counndown to kickoff is on.ú how ravens fans are getting ready for the first game of the regular season. good morning.3 it's friday, september 10th, i'm patrice harris. about that because the weekendd is here, but we are also excited because it's our turn to talk with you on our facebook pageú about anytting you wwnt.3ú let us know what is on your mind and your response could air in our ffcebook feedback seggent. always an interestinn segment. go tt ffxbaltimore.coo/bbltimore to oin in on the conversation and become a fan. we need to get checkee in now with meteorologist steve fertig to see what we can expect >> yeah, it starts very nice
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today like yesterday. a little breezy but comfortable, upper 70s aad nice day ffr sunday.efore in rain is in >> this ii football weathhr, it's about time. -p>> it could cool off. that's what it's going to do next week. it's going to be cooler still. -e will give you that in the seven-day orecast in a ew ú%nutee..3 63 degrees in baltimore, buu in saaisbury -- 51 in salisbury chiily there. a ice day, high pressure bringing us the nicc day toddy ú% it slides off to the east. the next front comes in from the remnants from hermine a lot of -oissure, leaves he remnants for a shower. by sunday later in the day the front pushes through. late today and tommrrow, and showerr on sunday, especially i3 the morning, and then a sunny period of time from monday to use, with mid-70s to near 80 then. sheer a look at the commute with -auren cooke. she has the traffic edge. lauuen. an accident has cleared from the
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northboond laaes at owings mills boulevard. vicinity and we're looking at high peeds at the west side of the beltway, checking and taking a live look at old coort road. you will notice that cars are moving aaong the outer and inner ú%ops just fine. 11-minute ride with a high-speed of 55 miles per our. all clear from the mchenry tunnel toll to the beltwwyy you are lloking at a averaae speed of 55 miles per hour. youure look at a 9-minute trip with 55 miles per hour. that's the traffic eege report. patrice, backkto you. thank you, lauren. 6:02 on ffx 45 morning news. today dozens of firefighters, police ooficers and paramedics3 will make their way through baltimore on tour f duty..3 for months they havv been running across the country to honor and remember those who attacks. ú%gan gillilaad is live with th3 latest on theer journey and why they madd a stop in our journey.
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good orninn, megan. %-the tour of duty left the saaa monica pier oo that day and they have been running ever since, passing through maryland on their last leg of he trip to new yyrk ccty. last night they paid a special tribute to a fallen hero and friend at loyola college. ♪ >> on the rugby field at llyola ú%e 36 runnerr, 20 americans, and 16 aussralians, lined the new shawn legano memorial field named after a rugby captain that died at the world trade center. his family raised money to name the field and last night the tour of duty paid special tribute to him. >> it'ssa heartfelt tribute. it's the least i can do to eep shawn's memory alive. >> shaww was a phenomenal human
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being. he killed that day. he of murdered that day by those terrorists. >> this is the laat leg of their journey. they will run through baltimore forrthe 9/1 9/11 anniversary tomorrow. when they get there, they will have run 4,600 miles, spanning 24 states aad 31 days. all to honor and remember those who lost their livessthat ú%ptember 11 day, nine years ago. %-fox 45 morning news. the controversy over a plan to buun copies of the koran isn't over, despite a florida's pastor promise to cancel the the pastor now says he is reconsidering his decisionn >> now we're in somewhat of a state of limbo and we have to pooition. >> reverend terry jones, says he called off the event based on assurances that the mosque and islamic center at ground zero
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wwuld beemoved away. buu the imam denies he would ever strike a deal saying he wouldn't barter with his religion. >> i have several witnesses that were there ii tte room. we made it very clear..3 ú% repeated it back thaa the would movv the mosque. so as of right now, we have just put a temporary hold upon our plannnd evvnt? the florida church now says it will confirm the meeting beeween the three before making annther decision on the coro koran burn. authorities ii two states are tryinggto stop an abortion brigham is accused of starting jersey and bringing them to this elkkon clinii to finish. maryland issuee a cease and ú%ssst and nnw jersey is rying to taae away his license.
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they ill feature the stand up to cancer special. there will be big celeerities but it's the real story from real people thaa will touch you ú%most.ement. we willlshow ou the journee3ú that a harford boy traveled as he fought cancee. medicine haa changed in the past two decades and it's making a maaor difference. >> 20 years ago, even with his -- with tte diagnosis that he a 30 or 40% chance of being a long-term survivor, but patients with a tumor like his treated with our most currentchemotherae about 3 quarters offthose kids now. >> tune at 9:00 p.m. for the national stand up to ccncer fundraiser. ú%e consummr free program will
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pstay tuned for conninuing coverage of this story. thh cancer suppoot foundation3 joins us live instudio with more %-treatment.3ancer patiintú if you''e getting dressedú for school or work right now, don't forget your purple pride. in case you forget, it looks like the ravens are reedy to bring the purplleto to you. joel d smith is at miss shirley's where the countdown t3 kickoff is on right ow. >> reporter: we is a purple i got poe here, i goo ready to go. the problem is on sunday there'' ravees. what are yyu going to do? >> just about, and think abouu the game, waittfor the game. it'' terrible having tt wait, i know.
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inssead we're going to get so purple ppide, are you guys, ready? >> we're so ready. >> reporter: guys, we're goiig to ave the ccravan goong around. it's going to be a good time. tell people what they're going to see if they'rr a part of caravan. >> all of the cheerleaders areú% going to be there, poe is going >> reporter: give a ways, >> we have ravens signed memorabilii and we're doing signs and foot balls. definitely come out. >> reporter: ann the ú%shirts, two, k10, and the ravens commemorating. poe aggees. >> i agree, too. joee, thank yyu. see you..3 a glen burnie an gives new meaning to lost aad found. before we get to that, we are going to talk about purple pride. you can send in your photos showing off your urple pride no
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matter wherr you're come. the air, you can seed them straight froo your cell phone as well. let'ssget to the lottery winner. this man is giviig new meaniig to the lost and found. he won the aryland ottery but then he lost the ticket. the search to find it took him to several dirtt places. several months ago he scratched off a black cherry bubble bubbl3 doubler and hit $10,000. he didn't waat to spend the money yet. dvddcase. he tore up the ddmpster ear his %-from the maintenance crew.lp %-mess near thh dumpster.g a he asked me what i had lost and it was the $10,000 ticket. >> i ssumbled a bag with dvd cases in it. he ran over and took the ticket and gave us all 10 a piecc and
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ran about his bbsiness. >> he cashee thht ticket in on wednesday. still ahead come and play. where your kids can mmet everyone's favorite ittle monsters frommsesame street. p>> and a bit cool and breezy on the bay today with temmeratures getting up to 77 degrees and mostly cleer skies. we will talk about the rest of
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can yoo tell me how to get to sssaae street. el ow's healtty me owe heros .
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we are live with the details for spot. orning's hometown hot that akes you want to sing, anytime you think about sesame >> hi, patrice. >> tell me about elmo's healthy hero. ww are here with some of his %-heros and the show is abouty trying to hhlp ssper rover find his superness. sometime characters and i, of3 courre, take him through a show of helping his superness. >> and along the way they're ú%aching lessons about being healthy? >> we sure are, ttat by eating healthy foods and staying fit and exercissng anddmaking sure that you get a lot of rest that %-thrruuh that super uilder fid
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his superness. >> that looks like so much fun. thank yyu, kay. we are going to check with you throughout the morning. >> the healthy heros is at the mariner arena through sunday. for more information log on to now let's check in wiihh3 meteorologist steve fertig who is doing his little dance over thhre. -p>> i'm sorry. ggt caught up in the sesame take a look. sky hd radar, ooking good a lot better than i i am. sky hd radar looks ood all day long. 63 degrees the temperatureeright now. partly cloudy skies and the west %-barometer is holding steady, w point at 46, 63 is the temperature in balttmorr. 61 in washington d.c., un in -- hagerstown. dew poinns in the low 40s, it should be a nice one if you like yesterday more of the same, sunshine and comfortable
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temperatures, high pressure is going to bring us northerly flo3 and cooler temperatures todayú and then high pressure will move off to the east. we will get humidity building in frommthe south as moissure comes our way, remmanns of hermine settinggthe stage for showerr oo lateesaturray into sunday. if you're in the eastern shore, %-a 11-15-mile-an-hour wind thouuh. the central part of the state getting up to 77 mile 5-10. 4 degrees should do it withh3 mostly sunny skies. with he high temperaaure t 75 degreessat 4:00. tomorrow 80 degrees is the pleasant day and then the clouds move in. late showers on saturday and a better chance on sunday with a high of 78. the high pressure builds in again, 81 on tuesday and 5 and 74 for the wednesday and thursday. %-the track edge.n cooke witt
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>> reporter: thank you, sttve. if you're traveling downtown you do want to be aware of ew construction, rrght near thh university of maryllnd medical center. creww are fixing the sanitation linee 10th street will be -hutdown between lombard and pratt street. we have leeaned the accident has cleared from 795 along the northbbund anes at owings mills boulevard. -aryland police a one man has been pponounced dead and another woman is at shock trauma fighting for her life right noo. if yyu're using the west side checking in aad taking a live look at liberty road. you're looking at a high 54 miles per hour along the outer loop. it will reclear if you're traveling on thh parringville area. checking -- parkville area.ú it should be an easy ride as you make the push toward towson. -hat'' the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. thank you, lauren. -p ssill aheaa, two controversial issses iivolving islam collide. >> the american eople do not want the mosque there and of
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course, muslims don't want us to burn the koran. >>the pastor who plans on burning the koran on 9/11 is getting involved in theeground zero mosque controversy. and next help yyur kid become most likely to succeed. the college majors that end upp3 earning the most mmney after
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wall street posted gains on thursday, thankssto better than3 expected reports. some jobless claims and the u.s. the dow picked p 10 points to close at 10,415. the nats da nasdaq gained 7 poi. the number of americans apppying for jobless beneeitt unexpected slid to 2 month llw ast week.
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21,000 americaas filed laims. that is lower from the previous week. there's good news for recent college grads. the latest survey by the national surrave a o survey inda %-salaries seems to stopping.ú% engineering students made the most. on app development. they will now aalow them to uue tools like a dobe to build the app for ts mobile devices. coming up, you may have to change your usual. the big changgs coming to starbucks menus.
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and next itts on again and it's off again. oor d.c. er weighs
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after facing global condemnation, a call from the alleged deal to move a planned
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mosque in newwyork, the pastor %-at least suspenned for now.or our pooitical commentator is on and you're on the phone. you'rr in new york this morning. good morning armstrong. >> reporter: good morning and the big apple, patrice. >> what do you make of this pastoo and is he going to goú through with burning these korans? >> no, as a matter of fact he haa his 3rd visit frommthe fbi yevmen yesterday aad they mt american soldiers abrood with their lives on the linn. you don't want to iisight thee3 radical islamic extremistss but the sad parttis that they burn the bible. why would you beeome the very thing that you condemn. it's a conversation we don't coostitution does give hii the righttto burn that koran, just
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like they have the right o build osque in new york, but just because you have a right to do something, patrice, doesn't make it the right toodo at this time. this is just not the time and you know, it's sad where thisú conversation is going. when he made the outrageous cooment. it drives me razy when people say they get a word from god, i know i get the word from god. god gets so much credit for absooutely things e has nothing to do with?ú nto thaa why does this man have he power, because of what heesays somebody is going to move a mosque or do what he was planning. we are givinn him so attention evvn to the point that robert gates alls him personally to say, back off. >> reporter: look, these are sensitive times in this country and we know wee ave terror cell3
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no innocent americcn needs to die over nonsense. what thhs guy doesn't understand is also when you burn the koran, you uun the bible, because to me,,in many ways they're the same book, at least 90%. %-need to fuel this controversy. you got the muslim world and the rest of the world looking to see how this is goong to play and it takes attention from he real issue in new york of making sure %-daylight.sque here neverrsees someone hhs to step n and say,3 stoppthis innocence sense. nonsense. what ind oo minister would embrace.3 it gives -- ú%>> i'm not saying it says anything about the christianny the saae wau cann way ou can s3 radical islamics are impaating their religion. we will have to catch in with you once again nexttweek. >> patrice, always a pleasure. >> alwwys. >> still ahead, you may have to ooder a bigger cup of joe.
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the options starbucks took off of its menu.ú ninn years ago, the world was changed. what responders are going the %->> reporter: it's time for another purple friday. these ladies and the mascots will be all over the place
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night. tteeravenn cheerleaders are goinggto help us kiik it off. it feels like foottbll weather. meteorologist steve fertig is here. >> i want to find out where the gold came from the pompom. it's goinn to be a lot of sunshine out there. golden skies out there with the sunshining brightly. 59 degrees and ool toe start to 63 ddgreessat baltimore and 61 in d...51 at salisbury and oaklt 45. ú%e you kidding e. theyyrr chilly there. and the radar not ery eventful. 77 degrees shoull do it for the high temperature today. it shhuld be nice, windd will b3 up around 10-15 miles per hour,
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just a bit breezy.3 we will take a look at what you can expect for the rest of the3 weeeend be changess n the way. right noo here is lauren cooke who has the traffic edge. lauren.3 >> reporter: we have a neww3 accident at the parkvilleearea, you wiil ee it's going to be at harford road. dd expect in delays starting to pickkup. if you're trrveliig along he outerrlooo fromm95 to 83, you're still looking at ann11--minute 52 miles per hour. volume is starting to pick up average speed of 54 miles peres houu. you're looking at a 4-minntt trip with an average speed of 54 miles per hour. that'sstth traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. thank you, lauren. 6:31 now on foxx45 morning nnws. tooorrow marks the 9th -nniversary of tte 9/11 -errorists attack. a group of first responders iss3 going toogreat diitances to make
6:32 am
sure it's remembered and that thhse who lost their lives are honored. they have been running across the country for about month now and today, the tour of duty is in baltimore. megan gilliland joins us llve with the latest on their journey and why they decided to stop heree good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. the tour offduty consisss of 363 runners, 20 aaericans and 16 australians. most of them are firefighters, aad some re police officers and paramedics. they are running to remember. for a few of them stopping here tribute. ♪ late last night, theetourrof duty lined loyyla college'' new %-named after a 1995 graduate aú a captain of the club rugby team who died at the 9/11 atttcks at the world trade center. he wassa perronal friend to some of the runners.
6:33 am
stopping here was iiportant to rememberrshawn aan all of theú other heros out there. >> making sure that people remember. >>we want people tt never forget what happened that day. ouu first responders all over the woold go out every day and terrorist attack or whatever the >> this is the last leg for the tour of duty. today headeddto new york city for the 9/11 anniversary -hen they get there, they will have run 4,006 miles spanning 24 %-during that time they have ben away frrm their families and one of the runnees said that his son cried because he missed him. he told his little boy that he would be homm but he had to run first for tte guys who suffered and dads that weren't able to megan, gilliland, fox 45 morning news. a florida pastor ho planned to burn a copy of the cor korann
6:34 am
septembbr 11 sayy he mmght go on with it after all. he was promised fromma muslim cleric that the world trade center mosque would be moved..3 jones says he was lied to and he could go aheaa with the plans to burn the koran on the 9/11 anniversary. a man is behind bars this morning after beiig released. shooting and illing caavin young twice in the head whalee3 while he sat a a traffic light in anne aaundel county.ú %-bail but his attorneys were ae to et the judge to reeonsider without the prosecution's knowledge. they took the case back to the jjdge including a house arrest made him a flight risk. -he judge aggeed and denied bail. etro transit police have3ú
6:35 am
charged metro access driver offendees. a customer reported the offense after gettinn ride from kingston laat month. they provide rides to passengers who are unnble to useemeero rail or metro bus. battle a fouu-alarm fireein west baltimorr. the fire nearly destroyed a dozen homes. many of those firefighters weren't ffom baltimore and some ú%y if it wasn't for the extra help, the city could have been in big trouble. >> the cty waa required to ask for companies to transfer in from anne arundel county, baltimoreecounty, how wart howa, and as far as away as washington this was a fire that in days gone by, would have been serious, but there would have -een enough resources lefttin the ciiy to adequately protect the city. >> a spokesperson for the mayor
6:36 am
released this statement. budge deficct, mayor rawlings-blake restooee critical funding to the fire department to restore fiie closures last year.ú theee are still attleast three rotating fire comppny closures every day. et ready to rink a little ú%re coffee. ttey are takingg he 12-ounce3 use all across the country. that leaves the 16 and 20-ounce. the drive through men use were cluttered and mmde it difficult to order. as if friday's weren't great enough already. it's once again time for urppe -avens fans are beinggasked to show their purple pride today scheduled to make this easy to do. joee d smith is live at miss ssirley's at roland parkkwhere
6:37 am
the ravens car van rallying people..3 i don't have my purple n today. i was saving it for monday, but i'' ssill in ravens kickoff mmod. -> reporter: we will orgive you this time but it's purple friday. we are here at miss shirley. we re talking about the ray will you which is an!!!!!!!lewid yesterday. >> the fans get into ii, i'm% busy doing aa back flips. that's the things we are ccncerned with. >> reporter: the ravens cheerleaders are the ones that dd dangerous stuff.ú when the players are talking so much, get out there and play. >> let's ee whh brings itton monday. >> repprter: get ready.ú there's going tt be trash talling on monday. they are not worried about that. they re worried about cheering.
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>> let's go ravvns. >> reporter: back to you. joel,,thank you. let's go ravenssú he is a real live my little -ony and he loves to cuddle. meet sampson the kissing pony. samson visits patients across %-he loves kisses and hugs. it's part of a mission to bring therapeutic love to theeelderly aad it looks like it's working.3 >> i love to pet him because i'm 95 ears old and i remember petting a horse when i was a kid and i couldn't wait until i seen here and that he kissed me.viiit >> amson even dresses up for he wears special rubber boots with boughs on them so hat he doesn't slippon the nursing home floors. coming up get your gamers t3
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the box office. >> the films made with video gamers in mind hittiig threaters this weekend. an accident is leading to slow speedd at the beltway here at har foo harford
6:40 am
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welcome back. 6:41. %-over the region.úday, dry scan 63 downtown. partly cloudy skies. humidity at 64% and theú barometer is holding steady but it's high pressure verhead is brinn us the pretty day. 46 is the dew point numbee and that means it's dry out there. 63 is the nuuber to start theú %-concerned.s temperatures are chilly.ees, yikes, that is3 65 degrees in hagerstown, 45 in
6:42 am
oakland. we won't be saying it's chilly right now compared to what we have gotten used to, it's chilly. 41 in the mid-40s. dew points that indicate that it's very dry. high prrssure doing its thing bringing us dry conditions. theemid-70s today and you up to can't really eat that as far as just comfort level. -that will keep us cooolr than3d average by a little bit. we should be around 80 for the high typically. more mmisture coming oor way as we headdtoward llte saturday and into sunday ahead theeffontal boundary. moisture that came ffom the remnants of hermine which was a tropical system o the gulf. it brings the moisture ahead of the front. %-push throuuh and begin to dryd out as he high pressure moves in. 75 deggees to mostly lear skies, northwwst wind at3 10-15 miles per hour.
6:43 am
ú%ntral part of the state, 77 ccmfootable degrees. per hour. low humidity throughout the back to the wwst a high of 74 degrees with mostly cleer skies. 10-15-mile-an-hour winds here, we should get up to 0 degrees byynoon. mostly lear, a few more clouds late in the day after getting a ú%gh of 7 at 4:00 ttis afternoon..3 54 degrees for theeovernight low. a cool nightt northwest winds at 5-15 miles per houu. after the 77 today, 80 tomorrow and mostly clear when more clouds begin to move in with the moisture overhead. showersslate night saturday and chance on sunday.ú a nice, pretty day overnight with ots of sunshine. it looks nice as we head into the neet wwrkweek. 75 and 74 for your wednesday anú thursday, both with mostly sunny skies. this morning?3 i heard you asking. %-traffic edge, lauren. with the
6:44 am
>> reporter: thankkyou, stevee we are deeling witt an accident -n the beltway in the parkville area. it's going toobe along the inner loop lanessthere at harford3 road. as we check in and take a live there you o, it's bllcking one right lane. cars are still managing to get by and the outer lop lane loop r ú%arting to crowd. as for the west side of the beltway a 30-minute ride from 695 to 95. for thoseeof you uuing the jfx to get nno the city, no ú%oblemsstooreport froo the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street. we do, owever have an accident at o'donald street at interstate avenue ttat you want to watth out for.3 for those of you traveling3 dowwtown, you want tt keep in mind thattconstruction has shutdown 10th street between lombaaddstreet and pratt street. 3
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new this morning, firefighters are battling a fire ú% a maryland national park. crrws worry the dry windy conditions coull the fire to spread. the fire probbbly startee neaa the c&o canal. tww people are dead inna late night shooting at a kraft food ffcility at northeast philadelphia.3 the suspected shooter is a woman whoa had been suspended thursday ann escorted from the plant. police say the woman returned ffw minutes later and openee fire.3 besides the two dead another person is criticalll injured, the suspect was taken into custody. president baaack obama is holdding a news conferencc thaa ú% expecttd to focus in large part on theeeconomy.3 in recent days he has put out plans to spur th spur the econod bbing down the unemployment
6:48 am
numbers. congressman elijah cummings is joining usswith a look at the presiient'' lan and the upcoming plan. good morning. of heat.resident is taking a lot the poll numbers are down because they're saying he is not confiddnt that heecan spur the economy and get it going. the republicans are hitting him haad. how do you react to all of that? >> e have had the nay sayyng %-balls at this prrsident ever since he came intoooffice. the most reccnt ppopsable reproe republican proposalss - few years ago ttey were saaing they would work and now they are saying thee won'ttwork. -i'sslogically because it's this ú%esident ppoposing them. the by biillon dollar!! $$0 bila would allow our roads to be restuck toured!estructtred thata
6:49 am
lot of jobs quickly. and then he has the prroosal where ccmmunity banks would get $30 billion to loan to businesses. there's people watchiig us right now who have small bbsinesses but their lines of credits have3 been taken away. years. if you don't have a line of credit, you're out f business. they have opportunities but a 25, or $35,000 line of credii gonee.3 what the president is trying to do is get banks to lend. this is a way to do it. it helps with the small business aaministrrtion and helping them to push opportunities for small businesses. 2 out of three jobs createe by small businesses but te republicans say,,no, no. >> republicans are saying, they're talking about the some %-ii you tax peeole the small3ú businessesswho are supposed o spurrinn the economm, f you tax ú%%-those able to hire the economy will stay stalled. >> they know that is a bogus
6:50 am
aagument. they realize that arguuent may apply to 2 or 3% of alllthe people that would not be getting tax cuut. %-theerepublicans voted that the tax cuts would lass for 10 years. the 10 years are now up. what the pesident ii saying,3 llt'' leave the tax cuts for those people with $250,000 orú less. and basically the republicaas3 -re saying, no. >> they wwnt everybody. >> and by the way, moot of the people above that pay rate, they don't want the tax cut anyway. these re people that youutalk to them and they will tell you, they want to see their country go forward. >> all of this is happening two months out from the electionss3 aad probably most people wouldú ú%ree that when the economy is bad like this, it doesn'ttlook i mean, it puts them in jeopardy what you do think. >> as i said to vaaerie jarod last night.
6:51 am
i aid to hhr, tell the president to continue to do what he is doing. the speech he gave on monday and the speech he gave on wednesday, -omparing where we have come ffom, theefact that we're on the road to recovery. no, it's nnt as fast as we would like, but in the last eight months we createe jobs every single month. when he came in we were losing 800,000 jobs. >> we're talking about losing as ú%ny as 50 to 60 jobs. >> reporter: it's resonating - bit, because this week the generic polls ssowed that it's ú%en..3 -he key foo democrats is we got to get people to go ttothe polls.ú we only have 34th of the peopllethat went to the polls when the prrsident ran last time, we will do extremely ell. the 40th annual blackkcaucus coming up. >> reporter: it's coming up next week at the convention center. we have two panel discussionn, i do. one of them is about girls and raising girrs. i have tto girls and it's about the challenges that our %-wonderful guests, susan ttylo,
6:52 am
and many others will be coming through. then we will have a dvd congress with regaar to transportationn and how dis-- women owning business canntake advantage of the opportunities available in the traaportation sector. ii you would like mmre information the annualú convention caucus is next wedneeddy. it's at the waater e washington convention center. if you need more information go to our website atú coming up in our 7:00 hour, she runn the city, but can she run with me? raalings-blake in thissweekks piggkin predictions. and next, it's an action packed weekend at the box office. the nnw
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[ laughing ] hey, let me see that map for a second. just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our lineup of oven-toasted breakfast sandwiches. from egg white flatbreads to bagel sandwiches, grab your favorite just the way you like it. hurry in to dunkin' donuts for a delicious veggie or turkey sausage egg white sandwich.
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ú%cngs in threaters, you will see familiar faces if you are a video gamer. >> they return to make another ú%%-that pesky t irus is still %-angeles is theeplace to e.os prison break went miller chris redfield.join the cast as >> i just went to moviee over trailers before the film and some sort of post-apocalyptic ssenario which as far assi'm concerned, resident evil has
6:56 am
owned beautiful for the last 10 years or so. ú% resident evil is rated rr you with expect as much action froo a film starring john sei, na. but he ii actually starring in the new drama legendary. he playy a new man coming to terms with the death of his father. >> you two wrestle like you talk, ann i'm thinking, you want thaa. >> legendary is rated pg13. if you're looking for more oo an art feature, the bob rye innerfilm follows boy and a girl in the ebb and flow of their love of their lives. the thickethe 13th seassn oe
6:57 am
soissimmsons is now oo video. we ave copties ties could give. if ou are the 4th or 5th caller at (410)481-454553 you win it at dvd. commng up in our :00 hour, %-about the grid iron.t what i take on mayor stephanie rawlings-blaae in this week's pigskin predictions. purple friday. when you are around town, you never know who you may run into. p
6:58 am
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a massive blast in a san francisco neighborhood. what caused and the chaooic3 scene that sent neighbors running. we would be forced toú rethink our decision. the controversial plan to -urn the koran on 9/11. the brooen romise his pastor says could put the protest back on track. see rry lewis promoting.
7:01 am
and he hrew away a $10,0003 winning lottery ticket. what this an went through too3ú gee it back. >good morning, it's friday, septemmer 10th. i'm patrice harris. -t's friday. we're all excited aboot that and excited because we get to talk with you on our facebook page about anything ou want. let us know what is on your mind and your response could air in our feedback segment. i wonder what people think about the ray lewis commercial. go to and baltimore liie i said earlier, it reminds meerod till weddfroo jerry mcggire, whhn cuua gooding was playing that role. %-i couldn't get that
7:02 am
59 degrees, i don't think i want. %9 ddgrees and partly clludy. temperatures are going to warm up today but not a whole lot not coopared to what it should be. 557 in hagerstoon and sky watch hd rrdar not uch happening.ú should et up to 70 by noon and we will op out at 70 deggees at 4:00. how longgwill this nice weather hang arouud? we will checkkthat out in a few3 minutes. right now lauren cookeehas the traffic edge. >> reporter: the accident we were dealing on the bellway in parkville has cleared from the inner loop at harford road..3 as we check in and take a live we are dealing with volume, be you'rr looking at a 13-minute ride from 95 to 3 with n averageespeed of 43 miles per hour. alllremains clear, you're lookiig at a 13-minute trip wwth an average speed of 44 miles pee
7:03 am
hour. %-beltway. boulevard to the you're looking at a 7-minute ride with an average speed of 43 miles per hour. that's the traffic edge report. -atrice, back to you. we are ffllowing a ddveloping stooy out of norttern california. firefighters are fighting a massive fire causeddby a gas pipe explosion. ww are told at least 55 poems 5s are destroyed. >> the beds wereeshaking. >> all the windows in the house shook and the house elt like i3 was haking. it was that strong. >> the flames game up. >> reporter: fire balls climbing almost as high as he emergency helicopters calleddto ú%ght them. crews on board air tanners dropping fire retard ants faced the flames reached more than 2 dozen homes during dinner hour.
7:04 am
and heard this roaring and it was a boom, boom. and it as a massive explosiin. i ran outside of my garage and when i looked to myybackyard, you could see the flaaess >> i turned the corner and here was a fugu huge fireball so iigt of mm car. i was there as the first firecrews were arriving. >> reporter: a olumn of firee3 engulfed residential streets as several people were injureddto hospitals with severe burns. >> it's all resideetial down in there. >> reporter: a plummeof ash colored smoke angs ooer the areaa,people just can't wrap their heads around what happeneú to necessar their neighborhood. >> i thought this is judgment day. it's reaaly the old. >> thh appea op clips right her. >> reporter: san bruno is
7:05 am
8 miles south of san francisco. area residents are ppeadinn with residents to donate blood.ú they are helping people whh have no home to go back to. a florida pastor who planned on september 11 said hh may go a weighed with it after all. he aareed toocancel the event after he says he was promised by a muslim cleric that the world trade center mosquu would bee3 moved. jones says he was lied to and hú could go ahead with plaas with anniversary.ning on the 9/1113 today firefighters, pollce officers and paramedics will make their way througg baltimore -n a tour of duty. for a month they have been running across the country to hhnoo and remember those whoo3 died on the seetember 11 attacks.ú megan illiland is live wiih the here in our region. >> that tour of duty started on august firrt.
7:06 am
their last leg of their trip headed to newwyork city. last night, they paid a special ttibute to aafallen hero and friend at loyola college. ♪ on the rugby field there the 36 runners, 20 americans and 16 australiann lined the new shawn legano memoriil ffell. captain of the rugby team whoand died in the 9/11 terrorists attacks at the world trade center. his family and friendd raised money to name the field and late last night tte tribute of duty paid tribute to him theree >> it's the at least iican do to keep shawn's memory live. >> shawn was a phenomenal human being. he was killeddthattday, he was murdered that day by those terrorrsts. >> this is the last leg of their journey.ú theyywill run through baltimore
7:07 am
today headed to new york city for the 9//1 anniversary tomoorow. when they get there, theyywill hhve run 4,660 miles spanniig 24 states in just 31 days all to honor and rememberrthose who lost their lives on the september 11 day, nine years ago.ú megan gilliland, fox 45 morning news. authorities in two staaes are trying to sttp an abortionn3 doctor from practicing dr. stephen brigham is accused ú% starting abortion prrcedures on wwmen in newwjerseyyand then bringing them to this elkton clinic to finish. maryland issued a cease and desist order against brigham. new jerrey is noo trying tootake five maryland chools make the grade and receive a nationa3 ú%nor. the schools including eastern technology in baltimore coonty and ellicott mills miidle school in howard county were named national blue ribbon schools..3 the honor means the schools hhve coosistently shown higg -chieeement or dramatic
7:08 am
improvement. maryland schools have been named national blue ribbon schools. as it fridays weren't grrat enough already, it's again time for urple ffiday..3 ravens fann are being asked tt theee's plenty of eeents scheddled to help them do that. the ravens caravan has scheduled for a long frenzy extravaganza. -> reporter: this is one of 25 difffrent places the caravan will go ttdayy cheerleaders sitting down and cheerleaders getting ready to -rder some ooo. iiasked poe what he likes on the you are here to celebrate ravens and get ready for your day. wwat are you going to do? >> you ot tt thh get the barbbque ready and get the cooler out and make sureeyou're >> reporter: you have the
7:09 am
michigan stuff n, what happened. >> this is my tribute to coach cameron. this is my set up for the offense and the great year they ú%pect. >> reporterr thattis good. but you have to explain that. everyone thinks that you don't what is for reakfast. >> i'm looking at the omelets. >> an omelet, bacon and pooatoes rorkk no onpotatoes. >> reporter: no one believes any of this. >> i'm definitely having waffles,,heavv the syruu. >> reporrer: if you want too3 see if they eat, come down to -iss shirleyyas, freebies galore, aad we are enjoying it >> no matter where you're froo, we're looking for raven fans to send photoo showing ff your purple pride. go to and lick coming up e elmo's last sese
7:10 am
street. where yoo can see him here inú baatimore. a dry scan out ttere.
7:11 am
7:12 am
sunny days are hhre in baltimore. street. kay is live with all of the details for this morning's home tonight hot spot. good morring, kay. good morringg patrice. >> tell me bbut what healtty heros is all about. >> he lost his superness and along with elmo and his friendd thee thack hi take them throughy
7:13 am
of the getting exercise and healthy food and they can, too be superrhero.33 it looks like they are itching to perform. can we sse some of them. >> take it away. >> how do you feel. >> iifeel ood ♪ ♪ i knew that i would ♪ oh, i feel good ♪ i do what i should now ♪ so good ♪ you feel nice ♪ wow ♪ yes you did ♪ you feel nice >> go elmo, that has got s all grooving in here. sesame live elmm's healthy hero at the first mariner arena through sunday. wwb web!! 3
7:14 am
aad the forecast for you the letttrs fonx and the letters 4. dry scan right now nd looking good ll day long. should see snshine out there, 65 degrees ought through. humidity is at 60%, and the dew point s around 47, t means a 61 in the temperature in balt are month. 62 in d.c. and 51 in salissury. in hagerstown 57 ddgreee and the dew point very low in the 40s dry conditions, things wwil dry up a little bit this afternoon. -e will stay coooer ttanú average, average being 80 degrees for this time of year. that is going to keep us cool wwth the low 70s. moisture moves in and a chhnce of some rain comes our way as tte front moves in late saturda3 into early sunday. for today looking very nice indeed getting up to 75 degrees for the high at theeeastern shore with mostly sunny skiee. -he central part of the state getting uppto 77 degrees at about 4:00 thhs afternoon is whee we hould hit the high.
7:15 am
back to the west a high temperature oo 74 degrees. definitely cooler than average but very nice. 56 the overnight low, it will be a ccol ighh. for a couple of real pleasant days. we will take the rain. even a chance for some thunder, ú%o. 82 degrees on monday, nice sunny skies and mid-70s for wednnsday and thursday with mostly sunny skies. now for a look at hat is -appeniig on the roadways, here the traffic edgg. >> reeorter: thank you, steve. we do have trouble on the beltway. we're dealing with a crash at as we make our way to parkville, an accident has cllared at harford road. as you takk a live llok, this will be the northeast orridor of 95, we're looking at pretty slow speeds traveling south. you're look at a 7-minute ride froo whitemarsh to the beltway.ú
7:16 am
road, you will notice it'' going to be wide open.ú you are looking at a 7--inute ride. and the ride remain clear. there's no probbems to report at the tunnels. if you are however traveling downtown, you want to e aware of some coostruction that shuuddwn penn street between lombard street nd penn treet. they are repairing a sanitation %-hopefully they wwll gettthat cleared p soon. that's the traffic edge report. patrice, back tt you. thank you, lauuen. caacer.3 what youucan do tonight to help fight the disease. and are you ready for some football? i takeeon baltimore's mayor for the first pigskin prediction of the year. and find out how you can win
7:17 am
7:18 am
newwthii morning, a massive fire is burning dozens of homes in northern caliiornia. a naturrl gas line ruppured in a -eighborhood in san bruno last niggt. theefire is only 50% contained this morning. 40--ile per hour gusts are now concern for firefighttrs bat lining a wildfire in colorado of the 700 fireeighters are now workkng 16-hour ssifts.
7:19 am
it's all happening near boulderr colorado. %-destroyed.úmes have been a glln burnie man gives new meaning to lost and found. he won 10 thowd i 10 thoidz in!d win ticket. after searrhing his dumpsterr3 three times, he inally foundd onight the broadcast will feature dozens of celebrities, %--wareness aboutthow the reseah is changing cancer. locally cinny carter with ccncer support foundationnis joininn us this morning. >> good morning. >> tell me about your foundation. what do you do? >> we are the ooly non-profit in the state of marrland that can help anybody, anywhere in the state with whattwe call quality
7:20 am
of life and financial, we dd everything but paa the hospptal3 bill. >> givv me an exampll some of the things you do pay, or do ú%u? ú% basically, someone calls us and they can't get unemployment. all of this is leeal. yoo can only imagine what starts toohappen. we help them as an advocate wit3 getting to social services or social security. handle aay offthe needssof every day living that people un intoú when all f a sudden they are faced wwth tipl typically the challenge of their life and no money on top of it. >> i imagineethat soomany people are in need of those kind of services. they got the cancer weigh on their minds ttat they don't need the added stress. >> reporrte: they can find us through the health department and bge sends us people, he very trratment centers in the
7:21 am
statt send us people all the time. various ways, word of mouth, ú%tting around and that is one of the my missions to make sure that everybody in the ssate we can help them. we don't turn annbodyyaway no matter what the circumstances are. think about national attention >> it's together?3 we need ppople to understann that cancer is noo like what itú used to be. there's hope. people ccn get through it and there's foundatioos like us out there that want to reach out and say, you know, what, we are here to help you. ú% can make this easier for you. -p>> cindy, we appreciate you coming in. >> you can tune in for tonightt3 at the natiooal stand up to cancer fundraiser. the houu longgcommercial free program will be heee on fox 45 inside up next on fox 45 morning
7:22 am
news, mayor rawlings-blake know3 she know football. we continue to fooloo a developing story out of northern %-wwen fireeighters think they %-wwen fireeighters think they will have the my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
7:23 am
7:24 am
it's foot ball time again.ú% we're back ith another seasoo of pigskin predictions. my challenger f the season has time running theecity. for football. that way have a chance of winning. i'm going up against mayor ú%ephanie rawlings-blaae. >> you have been scoutinn in the preseason. >> i'm preppred. >> i come prrpared.ú
7:25 am
>> weere going to save he best for last. we're goinggto save the ravens for last. ú%ncinnati bengals at new england patriots. >> you have to figure outtwho you hate mmre. tom brady but ll of that being said i'm going withhthe patriots. >> the patriots, really??3 ocho cinco, can i say that. i think i'm going to go with the bengals. i don't think that the patriots can stop thht? >> we shall see..3 >> you have to, i like te competition. >> i'm not watching this ggme. >> i have relatives in florida. i'm going with tampa. >> tampa could win it, thee3 quartee backs -- do i want to go with tampa. 10 times, florida state. i'm going with the browns. i don't know why, but i'm going with the browns.
7:26 am
>> atlanta falcons. as much as i donnt want to start with a win, i have to go with them. >> that's a no brainer. roothlisberger. >> atlanta. >> i'm sorry. >> you thinn he fal falcons ca. >> roethlisberger is ot going to be there tt help them out. steelers. >> you are goong to have tooget outtof baltimore. ú% you're right, can i use an escorting on something. >> you''e going to need it. >> i'm going tt go with the steelers..3 you're going with the fall kondz i'm going with the steelers. dallas ccwwoys,,and washington skins. >> i went to school with mayor fenty. it's harddto figgre out who i hate the more. think i'm going tt with
7:27 am
washington. >> and you know what, it's weird seeing dominique mcnabb as thhir qua!! quarterback now..3 i'm going with the cowboys. >> you are. >>sunday nnght game. this is our game. >> yeah..3 >> ballimore ravens at new york jets? >> i, of course, iim going with -he ravens. i think pretty soon the jets will wish they had gotten that guy on the plane a little sooner. they will be regretting it. >> i watched them during the hard knocks and and i'm hopinge -ive them hard knocks. go ravens. >> this is our season. bowl. i have cleared my schedule. >> vvry gooo. give us your pigskin ii you chhose the moss teams gift certificates from ken toury fried chicken. >> do i get to stay in toon. >> i feel like we 3
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
welcomm bacc to fox 45 7:30 is the time. all clear out on the roadways. it looks likk this morning. it's friday. we''eeexcited about that. good morning, i'm patrice harris. we are excited beeause it's the weekknd but it's your turn to sound off on our facebook page. ú%d your response could air onng our feedback segment. a llt going onnaboot thed
7:31 am
ravens. p> everybody is excited about the weekend because it's the first weekend of nfl footbbll. >> we have to ait until monday. >> that'ssokay. buuld the anticipation. %-warm up some to a coofortable upper 70s. 61 is where we start in baltimore, 51 in salisbury. 57 in hagerstown. %-pressure that is keeping our skies clear. otherwise nice today as the high ú%essure center moves north and east of the eventually we wiil get a frontal boundary movingg n and thaa moving into moost air for saturday niggt into sunnay could bring rainshowerr thee. even a little bit of thhnder, sunnyynice today and tomoorow, showwrs possibly sunday early in day, i think. through thursday. let's see what is happening on the roadways with lauren cooke. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we are dealing witt three acciddnts on the beltwaa.
7:32 am
-ne in esssx on southeast boulevard. fortunately this has been behind ú% the shouller and isn't causinggtoo many delays. as we head toward the southwest portion, we are dealing with a crash on the inner loop at 895. as we head on to liberty road,ú as we take a ive look, it will be low. if you're traveling allng the outer loop, we expect a little bbt of a delay from 795 to 95..3 you're looking the a 13-minute trip with an average speed of 47 miles per hhur. it will remain heavy where you're looking at a 14-minute trip. ú% will be slow on the nortteast corridor of 95 from whitemarsh3 ú%ulevard to the beltway, you're looking at a 7-minute trip ith 299miles per hour. that's the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. 7:32 fox 45 morning news. tomorrow marks the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorists attacks. a group of first responders is going to great distances to make sure itts remembered and that ttose who lost their lives are
7:33 am
ú%nored. they have been running across the country for about a month now. tooay it's the tour of duty are coming to baltimore. megan guild land s live with -s here ith the latest on their journey. >> that ttur of duty consiits f 26 runners. 20 americans and 16 australians. -hey are firefighters and paramedics. thee are running to remember and for them stopping here in baltimore was very special3 tribute. ♪ last night the tour of duty lined loyola colleee's new shawn legano, memorraa field named after a 1995 graduate and captain of the club rugby team who died in the 9/11 terroristsú attacks at the world trade center. he was a personal friend to a few of the runnees on the tour of duty. stopping here was important to %-of the other heros out therel like him.
7:34 am
>> making sure that they remember and contribute to all of those that died and makinn sure people remembbr. >> we want people toonever forget whaa happened that day.3 the first responderrsall over the world go out every day and do their job, no matter of terroristt attack or whatever the case may be. >> ttii is the left leg of the ttur for the duty. they will run including the 9/11 aaniversary for tomorrow. when we get there, they will he hhd to run first for he guys who suffeeed ann dads who weren't able to come home. megan gilliland. fox 45 mornnng news. who provided rides to disabled paasengers is charged with sexually abusing a customer. metro transit pollce have charged etro accesssdriver
7:35 am
samuel kingston with several sex offenders of the police say a after getting a ride from kingston in montgomery county last month. they provide rides to disabled passengers who are unable to use -etroorail or metro bus. a man charged withhmurder in a road rage incidenn is bacc behind this morning after being released arlier this week. %-shooting calvin young twice i% the head whill he sat a traffic originally he was held without -ail buu his attorneys were bbe to get the judge to reconsiderr3 -ithout the prosecution's knowledgee king was reeeased on a million ú%prosecutors took the case back to the judgg and argued that king's priir convictions and one for escaping house arrest made him a flight risk. the judge aareed, but his family -p>> the bad part issthey're not looking for he real kiiler. the police ant to solve the
7:36 am
case and close it becaase they got so any murders already. >> young's paml teamly were feal when kinn was walking free and are relieeed he is behinddbars. a shooting at a kraft food facility. the suspectee shooter ii a woma3 who had been susppnded on thursday and esccrted from the the company returned a few minutes later and opened fire. besides the two dead aaother person is critically injured. the suspect was taken into custody. aahorrifying scene in northern califoonia. a naturrl gas llne ruptured ii a neighborhood in san bruno ast night..3 flamms shot inno the sky that left leveled homes. the fire is nly 50% contained thissmorning and the ituationú there is so bad, crews still ddn't have an estimmte of the number of eople missing or injured. massive explosion.boom, and a i ran outside of my garage and when i looked to my backyard,
7:37 am
-ou could see the flames. >> i turned the corner and ther3 was a huge fireball. i got out of my car ask walked up to see what was appening. iiwas thhre as the first firecrews were arriving. >> firefighters doo't think the3 will be able to start searching for ictims until this afternoon. battling cancer is never easy. one harford couuty child foond himmelf battling car soma at the after a major surgery to remove3 his hip and chemotherapy for a survivor. lan am calls him a >> the only thing that makes me different from other peoppe that i had cancee is because i can't indian style.cross apple orrthe that's the only difference. >> tune n tonnghttat 8:00 for the national stand up to cancer fundraiser. features hollywood celebritieslm
7:38 am
fox 45. as if fridays weren't great ú%ough already. it's once again time for the %-ravens ffns are being asked to there's plenty of events to make thht easy to do. shirley's at rollnd parks where they are kkcking off a frenzy. you look like you're in a ú%enzy, joel. >> rrporter: yes. they have the staff of the from ravens and they brought aafew things here. we got megan here with us. what do you have to share witt everybbdy. >> we have merccandise and we're giving it away or free. t-shirts, raffle tickets and miller light. we're headeddto the all of the miller bars tonight. come out and support you understand. it's purple friday but we don't
7:39 am
play until monday. this gives you things to play with until monday nightt33 >> you orkout very hard getting ready for the game, is this kind ú% your kickoff as well? this is our wholl kickoff week..3 we have a break this weekend and monday we're ready to go. >> reporter: areeyou allowed to get tired today?ú >> no.3 you can't. -ou have 12 hours of fun and energy. that is what the fans bring o we have to bring it or them. >> reporrer: you going to be at different places, some of3 thhm are at glee burnie and ssm3 are downtown. -hen people aaeeout, what are they take off of work foo this. rowdy, everyone has off jerseys3 and purple. >> reporter: we are going to check them out and ffnd out what makes the ravens fanatic next and we will throw some of these -ut, too, patrice. >> you are asking how the fans act. ú% haveepeople outside of miss shirley's, how are they reacting. >> reporter: i don't know if they took off of work, but
7:40 am
they're having a lot of good time. food and the purppeness and the food we are going innthere next3 >> thhnk you for putting that there, joel, i ppreciate tt while the ravens prepare for the first game, the first game of the nfl seasonnis already in3 the bboks. the super bowl new orleansú saints tooo on the minnesota vikings in a remmtch of the nfc championshhp ame. the vikkngs gottoff owe to a fast starr with a ttuch down in -he opening drive. tte vikings took the lead late in the second quarter with touch down pass with brett fash. rry lewis in the shower. the product he is almost bearing all for in a new commercial. expect slow speeds aa the weet side of the beltway, here at rout
7:41 am
in case of everyday emergencies,
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it's important to be prepared for dinner. that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts. they're individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need and store what you don't. [ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions. ready when you are. i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids.
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♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken. as the ravens prrpare for the monday night match up, ray lewis is busy at work at his second job, t.v. pitchhman. he is ssarring in a commercial ú%> some salts and this old spice swaagard, body watch. it's like a fantasy, only it's real.
7:44 am
[ laughter ] kay, i'm looking close atú that. >> i'm wonnering what the other guys on the team are going to say tt him after hey see that. >> people are going to be walking down with their swaggard. >> i said before the commmrcial they didn't win. the saints won. ú%meant to say the saints. that ii what happens when you stay up ate and watch the game ann all of that kinn of ssuff. the saints won and the raaens won. >> are you giving that prediction? >> yes. >> it will be a attle for the skies betteen the ravens and the jets. >> and ray lewis is already in ú% let's see what is hhppening out there. a dry scan on sky hd radar. right now 61 degrees with pprty cloudy skies. winds out of the west southwest3 the barometer is holding steedy, the dew point is at 47. it's rather dryy
7:45 am
it will bb more comfootable as we arm things up a little bit. salisbury, 51 there, 57 in hagerstown, ouu in oakkand, 41 degrees and we're lookkng at dew poinns that are n the midd40s out there. it's very dry throughout the area. high pressure is going to bring us a pretty day toddy. anddit will bring us plenty of sunshine bbfore tomorrowwbefore %-the high pressure will be late bringiig us the nice day today and the northerly flow f aii again that will allow temperatures to stay on the ool idea? cooler side. and that could bring us late showers from llte saturday into sunday morniig most likely. by sunday later in the day the front pushes through. %-as we ggt ready for the ravens on sunday. 75 degrees at the eastern shorr part of the state getting to 777 egrees at 4:00 this afternoon. we shouud hit the high
7:46 am
temperature buu a little breezy as well with a 10-15-mile-an-hour wind muchh3 74 degrees wiih theehigh temperature in the 70s all it will be coollú it gets cloudier later in the day. showers may move in late saturday, the a better chance early sunday and we dry out nicely frrmmmonday to tuesday. 82 and 1 for monday and how about, 75 and 4 for monday and thursday. let's see whattis happening on the roadways with lauren cook wit!!cookewith the traffic edge. >> reporter: if you're traveling in anne arrndde county you want to watch out for debris on the eastbound lanee of route for those of you traveling on the highway, watch oot for %-as we take a live look at roue 40, outer loops are going to be jammed as well. we are lookinn att42 mills per hoor. we will beejammed back to security boulevard. parkville area, ii's looking
7:47 am
better checking in and taking a live look here. you're only look ago 813-minute ride from 95 to 83. if you're using the harrisburg expressway, nooincidents to report at warren road. ccecking anddtaking a live look, it's going to be wide open. you will be looking at a 5-minute ride from shawan road to the beltway. if you are traveling the jfx no problems to report from 695 all the way downtown.3úú%you want tr construction once you get intoú. penn street is going to be shutdown bbtween lombarr nd pratt. luther king junior. go to and become a fan. then we wwll see some of those postings coming up in aabit. news, all local all morning.0ng
7:48 am
my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
7:49 am
i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
7:50 am
it's friday, anddthat meens it's time for our fox 45 viewers you wan.with us about anything wwe have bben asking you to tell us what is onnyour mind for ourú facebook feedback segment. that pastor needs to quit. he is doing nothing but endangering lives ffr what to burn someone's faith and make a3 political ssatement. chhldren and family members as targets for terrorist just to get his fin minutes of fame. summer says, i had fun at my mom anddmy friend couutney had fun, exclamation as far as
7:51 am
the eye caa see. sabrina ays happy friiay, pull out the ravens car flags or house flags or even posters, anything raven, rocket, show it %-support our ravens purple pri. you go sabrina. >> dean says hh sees some signs that summer is over and winter ú% on its way. i work for a local lawn and shipmenttof 32 snow blowwrs the other day, niie of them already sold. people are dreading winter, but preearrng..3 if yyu have flash baaks of last3 winter and 50 inches of snow itú makes sense. she says, purple friday, let's go ravenn! >> i'm so glad we end it with kathy and not the snnw. go ravens. coming up next on fox 45 morning newss the koran controversy, the book burning protest might be back3 on. the lie a pastor says he was
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
%-a deal to stop a fforida3 preaaher from burning quran onú saturday may be faaling apart. he was lied to and may move ahead with his plan. >> reporter: there's a lot of confusion with this right noww3 and the pastor of that florida church hasn't decided what do. the sentiment is still clear but ttr 83 joneterry jones is confud definitely devastated. ú% had deccdee to cancel the
7:55 am
koran urning. a florida imam steppeddforward to brokerra deal. according to imam jone jones, tw in new yyrk. >> the imam has agreed to move we have agreed to cancel our %->> reporter: but thee it all began to faal apart. the imam behind the new york putting out this statement. we're not going to too with our -eligioo or any other, nor aree3 weegoong to part ter. -e re here to extend our hand and build peece and harmony. the florida imam then said nothing was final. >> that's correct. so we fly to newwyork and meet the imam nd the imam and his leadership make thattfinal %ecision. >> that's absolutely not true. that is absslutely -- i have
7:56 am
several witnesses that were there in the room. we made t very lear. he repeated it back that the they wwuld move the mosque. >> reppottr: now the burning is on hold. we don't know how long that is going to last, but would appear to be resolution to all of this may have just made the situation worse. ominggup in our 8:00 hour, gettinggready for a change in colors. makk a pitch for the fall season. >> reporter: we're ready for football here. all kinds of giveea ways and the fans are ready, too. it'' purpll friday.úú%up next we -reebies all day ong. droiiiid.
7:57 am
what this droid does will change how you do web connections. this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does.
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7:59 am
running to remember what3 happeneddon 9/11. why the tour of duty raaing acrrss the country is stopping in baltimore. open up their stadium. on. how ravens fans are already getting eady for the first game ú%> i got to be me.on. beat that. >> the twitter addiction or just a high-tech way to copp. why one man tweeted aal the details of is own heart attack, ú%> good morning, it is friday, september 10th. we are just a few dayssaway from ravens game day and the
8:00 am
excited about it now. p> we take a look at the purple car van moving through the area and it looks like paul has joined them in this tour, too. >> the hole gang ii here. and the ravens fans ncluded in that. >> good morning, i'm paarice %-little cool but it's football ffotball. meteorologist steve fertig is for the weekend and for football. >> we are going to get someerain which ww need by probably sunda3 early. it clears out by monday. you want to have a road trip, beeutiful day for it on mon. >> you neee to be in time for the show on tuesday morning. >> it's a ill little chilly this morning. 63 degrees not bad in baltimore itself and the other metro area of d.c. warping up a little bit. bby at haggrstown, low 50s3 earlier. the sky hd radar shows the niceú
8:01 am
dry scannwhich means plenty of sunshinn coming yourrway. high pressure sits over us and3 shower chances. 77 should do it for the high. a few degrees cooler than seasonable but breezy with a 10-15-mile-an-hour wind. now here is lauren cooke wwth the check on traffic dge. lauren. >> reporter: thann you, steve. if you're using 395 to get into the city this morning. it'' going to be very slow. as we check in and take a live lookk will you noticc the northbound lanes are really %-it will be slow from 95 to con way street. if you are using the northeastt3 corridor of 95, do expect some volume there as well. ú%om whitemarsh boulevard to the bbltway you're looking at an 111 minnt!!11-minute trip. you're looking at a 16-minute ride with an average spreed of 50 miles per hour. fromm9that's your traffic edge .
8:02 am
patrice, ann megan, acc to oo. 8::2 on fox 45 morning neew. -p today dozens of and paramedics will make their sway hrough baltimore on a tour of duty..3 for aamonth noo they have been running across the country to honor and to remember those who have died in the septeeber 11 attacks. last night they aid a special tribute to a fallee hero from our region. the 36 runners, 20 americans and ú% australians, lined the ee named after a 1995 ggaduate and captain of the club rugby team3 who died at the terrorists attacks at the worrd trade center. last night the tour of duty paid a speccal tribute to him. >> it's the heartfelt tribute. it's the leaat i can do to keep
8:03 am
shawn's memory alive. >> shawn was a phenomenal human being. he was kiiled that day murdeeedú %-jjurney.ose terrrrists. they will run through baltimooe to headed to washington tomorrow. when they get there they will have rru 4,600 miles. -panning 21 states n the 31 attacks, controvvrsy is still11 raising over tte florida church proposed buuning of the muslim holy book the quran. it's sponsoring controversy -> reportee: from new yook's the site in shanksville, pennsylvania. the country preepres to remember thh lives lost nine years ago in the deaddiess terror attack onn3 in that controvvrsial fforiia
8:04 am
protest to burn the mussim holy the pasttr of the small churchh3 -hading up the demonstration said this thursddy. >> the imaa has agreed to move the mosque. we have agreed o cancel our event on saturday. >> repootee: the developers of the proposed mosque and community center near ground3 zero they say this no intention of moving t an imam in florida tried to broker a meeting leader of the new york mmsque.e he said thereewas no deal tt3 cancel the protest in exxhange for the mosque to move location. >> i have no power to guarantee for him anything in nnw york. >> reporter: now tte rotest may go on as lanned. >> we would, of coorse, be forced to rerethink our decision. >> reporter: the protest is stirring up internationallheart cry. ttey are urging him to call it
8:05 am
-ff saying it puts the safety of the wwite house says it senns the wrong mmssage to the muslim world. >> this is a rrcruiting bonanza for al-qaeda. >> reeorter: as the conttoversy plays out,,it will be watched across the globe. >> tomorrow president obama plans to be at the ceremony at the pentagon.3 vice president joe biden will be in the new york and the first lady laura bush will mark the day at shanksville, pennsylvania. %-near the university of marylad campus has police stepping up patrols there. -rince george's police say that past three weeks. the most recent was monday and students. %-students to be alert and is3 conssdering forming a task forc3 to focus on the problem. >> reporter: a horrifying scene in nortternncalifornia. a natural gas line ruptured in a night.orhooddin san bruno last flames shot into the sky.
8:06 am
the black leveled hhmes. the fire is onlyy50% contained this morning. and the situation is so bad estimate of he numberrof eoplú missing or injured. a colorado wildfire that destroyed 170 homes shows no signn of relenting as 40-mile per hour windd fueled the flames. 700 fiiefighters is worring 16 hour shifts. it's all happening near boolder, so far the blaze is only 15% contained.ú ú% the fireeline is in place, event, is we get what we call spotting. the fire forecasters aae telling us with these sort of winds we could have spooting up to a hall a mile away from the fire line. >> the vehicle crashingginto a ppotaproppne tankkmight have std ttat fire. get ready to drink a little more offee at starbucks. i coffee giant is taking the 12-ounce tall size drink off of
8:07 am
its men useeall ooer the countty. that leaves the 16 nd 20-oonce grande and venty spobilities. thpossibilities. the company made thh decisionú!t hard to order. ravvns fans have been asked to show their purple priie -oday. there's pllnty of evvnts to make that easscheduled to make that t do. you havv a day of rallying the fans into a frenzy. >> reporter: iihave the black on. i got shante heree one of the ú%eerleaders. you are going to a lot ofú places, giie me a few. year. are going to the verizon >> reporter: they have ravens
8:08 am
at the zoo, you know. >> i knoo. %-of the biggest ravens fans. about?3 >> baltimore ravens. i will be following the car van. %-10:30 tonight.til >> reporter: what a dedicated you're more white than purple but i knowwyou're purple in your heart, right? >> definitely. >> reporter: i talked to a %verywhere. buddy is this aboot cheering for the team or getting free stuff. cheerleaddrs. leader!!cheerleeders are here a. ittlasts all day, 23 locations. ú% if ou are trying to miss this roup, it'ssgoing to be hard. going through sunday. we have a monday night game. the jets are talling too much %-right, guys?ng toolet the
8:09 am
>> that's right. monday is that is what the real football season starts. joel, thannkyou. >> reporter: all right. no matter where you areú from, we are looking for all of the rainssfans to send us your pride. go to and click section. he is a real life my little pony and he loovs to ccddle. meet samson the sissin kissing . samson goes to nursing homes and lofs!!llves and hugs and isses. it's a part of bringing therapeutic to the elderly. >> iicouldn't wait untii i seen one. and that he kissed me. >> samson evee dresses up for his visits. wiih bows on them so he doesn't
8:10 am
slip on the nursing home flooos. >> he ii very cute. >> i want to take him hooe toe m!!to myniece. >> sttll ahead, come and play. >> why where you are kids can meet theirrfavorite little3 monsters from sesame street. -p we are looking at a pretty day today wiih a loo of p
8:11 am
8:12 am
hh ii everyone's favorite, furry red monster. he is definitely mine and he is elmo coming to town and he is bringinn the sesame street friendd with him. kay is live with this morning ú%metown hot spot. ggod morning, kay anddeverybody else. >> good morning, megan. >> we are so excited to have everyone of you toddy and it
8:13 am
energy right now. >> they are. p> tell us what you're oing out there. >> we are doing the elmo'sú healthy me owe hero easy, and sr rover lost his superness. they go through a lot o gettin3 super grover healthy. a taste of the performance. >> ttey are, are you ready for >> okay, guys, let's do it. ♪ ♪ go grovee get ready. you want to be, your body and mind, leep and rest ♪ -7 ♪ ♪ get ready foo action ú%got to get a good hygiene ú%the hero ♪ get ready for action ♪ come on don't wait
8:14 am
>> pretty catchy.3 healthy heros is at the first mariner arena. it's through sunday. for more information log on to the crazy sesame street kids. going o let you know how to get else you want to get to. sky hd radar dry scan and %-overhead and partty cloudyy dy skies. wess winds at 8 mill 8 mills pe. the pressure is at 29.93 and rising. hhghhpressure is again overhhad. dew point at 48. we will be seeing the temperattres climb some ttday but not as much as they should. they should be up to 80 degrees. the hiih will be below that today. baltimore and d.c. down in salisbury 55 degrees and
8:15 am
the haggrstown the samm..3 cool 45 in oakland. the dew point in the 40s. we will be showinggthat just to indiccte how high it is. high pressure againnwith the northerly low is goong to keep us on the cool side of normal with comfortable conditions, though. %-between the high and the low. then we will get more moisturee3 %-that will stream up our ay ahead of the frontal boundary %--ate hard and more likely int3 sunday early. then the ffont pushes thhough completely by later on sunday. we dry out as the high pressure buills behiid us.3 the canadian high are keep us cool but verr sunny. we will see 80s actually in the bbginning of next week. 85 degrees the temperature we expect to get toothe for the easttrn shore. we will make it breezy with mostly sunny skies. a pretty day with mostty sunny skies for the central part of the state. 77 egrees for the high. a 10-15-mile-an-hour wind. anotter breezy ddy. - degree or two cooler. -ack to the west 74 degrees, mootly sunny skies, northwest
8:16 am
wind at 10-15 miles per hour. cool 66 degrees for the low. tomorrow 80 degrees for the high. it looks pleesant enough througú but then he cloudssmove in tooa when we could ave showerr but earlier of rain would be early on unday, could have thunder3 out there. high f 78. 82 on monday with a lot of sunshine as the high pressure builds baak in. days in the 80s. 75 degrees for wednesday nd 74 %-cool for the middle part offte next eek. now for a look at what is laurrn cooke is here with the ú%affic edge..3 >> reporter: thank you, we are dealing with an accident up in harford county. it's going to be right n bell belffst right on bane berry drive s procedure way. ú% do expect delays on many of our main linee. as we check in and take a live look you will notice it's goingú
8:17 am
to be a slow ride allng the southbound lanes assyou approach the beltway. and oncc you do hop on to 695, the coogestion will continue. is going to e jammed dueeto a crrah as youumake your way to charles street. here on the outer loop, you are only looking at a 13-minute ride from 795 to 95. ú%r ttose of you traveling on the harrisburg expressway, you want toowatch out for debbis that is locking nnrthbound toon there. the jfx wwll remain clear, butú we're dealing with congestion on lang the northbound lanes at 395 from 95 to con waa street. no ppoblems o report at the harbor tunnel. do watch out for construction that is downtown. it's blocking penn street, between lombard and pratt. llther kkng bbulevard as an alternnte route. pptrice and megan, back to you. thank you, lluren.3 in thh town a career criminal has to navigateeon the
8:18 am
streets of boston while beiig hunned by the fbi nd his truee3 love. >> fox 45 has tickets to an exclusive screening. just be the 4th or 5thú caller at (410)481-4545 and you are going to win a 4-pack of advanced screening passes. well, still ahead, are you doong? wendy williams tells us about thh new season of her talk show. first tailgate of the regular 3
8:19 am
8:20 am
football season is game comes the tailgating first. the clever cleaver brothers are %-today they're making two minue
8:21 am
warning teryaky chicken. welcome to the tai ailgati. >> today we're going to share our chicken recipes. ii's two hi!! miiute teriyaki chicken. >> we makk it simple. we goowith the bone less skin less thighss thhghs, how do they wicc? >> we ar -- how dd they walk? >> we're making the marinade. ú% what did i ssy sauuc. it'' going to b salty, we're putting grippe juice in it and very unnque recipe. >> we put a half cup of brown sugar and we put ffeshly chod
8:22 am
chopped garlic and a fresh ginger. -p>> run it through a cheese grattr or go to the store and buy a jar of ginger.3 i'm putting sesame oil. it's very potent. >> e add toasted sesame seeds to add the crunch at thheend and the sesame flavor. >> folks, you can marinade it a put in the refrigeratoo. >> pour the marinade over the top. >> not too long. >> chiiken i like going >> he that is beautiful. he is in the the know. take it out, anddput it on the ggill. cook it until they're done. >> don't be afraid. use the meat thermometer and those are going to be fantastic. >> theer you have 2-minute
8:23 am
to get today'' recipes go to still ahead, new season, new why is roman meal bread nutritious? two slices provide at least sixteen grams of whole grains and an excellent source of calcium. roman meal bread: great taste and nutrition since nineteen-twelve.
8:24 am
8:25 am
%-splash.úh disabilities make a pool. >> ood morning. >> that was a cuue littll boy we saw in the pool and thhs
8:26 am
fundraisers is about people like him? >> it's abbut people like im. ii's abbut adults, it's about with disabilities and it's also about other people who interact %-theeevent.oing tt happen at >> the event is going to be vvry exciting. we have -- it's called a family affair. that s because it's for families. it's going to bb a beautiful day tomorrowwand we have adventure -and where we have mmon dances and slidess port discovery will be partnering with us and having a musical prooram. weehave magination land. we have imagination land, we have the greet zucchinn coming.ú >> all kinds of things. >> weehave arts and crafts. it's going to be a wonderful day..3 >> let mm ask you, the money that is aised theree because that is the whole purpose of this event, how is hat going to be used. >> we have a 42 years old pool
8:27 am
which is -- could possibly be shutdown in the next sii months in unless we raise money. this event is kicking off a million dollar campaign for hat pool. p> who uses that pool. wwat is the benefit they get >> people use this pool every single day. recreation.k a pool is for it's therapeutic for people who are in mai pain and need to bece %-blood closet.ople who haveú it's used every single day. programma large ought ti auuistc these people use the pool. it's a life saving pool. it's not for recreation..3 >> we don't want to shutdown in the next six mooths. it's in jeopardy. we need people to ome out. annbody can come out?ú $25, they get $25 to uss for food or games or anything. if they don't come, weehave a
8:28 am
big rafffle which we rrise add likewise the prizes..3 p> we wish you thh best of luck. honey. >> hope you come. to ú%> coming up take an aspirin and grab your phone.3 paramedics think i will live. why onn man tweeted his ay through aahhart attack. -p neet fall into a new beauy routine. the hottest akeup tips for the new season. 8:28 is the time. you are watching fox 45 morning news, all llcal ll
8:29 am
8:30 am
mooninngnews. 8:30 is the time. shirley's at rollnd park. >> you'reeseeing a ittlemonday. version of this. theyygot po there, and the cheerleaders there and eeeryone is decked out in urple geer and ready or the game. this is fridayyand the game is
8:31 am
>> it's very loud in theee. good mmrningment i'm patricesú harris. i'm meg a megan gilliiand. >> i got to find four purple things to wear. itts starting on monday. lighter tint.y i started with a as yo we et loser you will bring t up.3 temperatures are down in baltimore. dry connitions though, hhgh pressure keeping us ather in3 nice -- ell, with nice circumstances ahead forever over the next couple of ays and temperrtures that will be in thh mii-70s to upper 70s and ú%en we will see the temperatures warm up a little bit but we got rain out ttere for this weekend. i will let you know what that comes in. -t should be a nice ddy.ú
8:32 am
check on the traffic edge. ú%pefully the commute looks nice. >> reporter: it doesn't look so nice if you're trrveling on the west side of thh belttay. we are dealing with an accident at charles street. slow ride.ig to be a very, very if you're caught in the mees, to 83 with a 6-minute ride with an aaeraae peed of 63 milee per hour. no problems to report from 795 to 95, a 14-minute ride with a much highee average speed of 54 miles per hour. the northeast ccrridor coonestion, whiiemarsh boulevard to the bellway, a 77minch trip p with an average speed of 54 miles per hour. patrice and meggn, bbck to you. as if fridays wenn lready great enough. friday. there's plenty of events to make
8:33 am
it easy to show your pressurele pride. joel d smith is at miss -hirley's boy, do you look like %-look like a raven.rse, i we got the beads on. beeond. you will be at a lot of these -oday. are you ready for it? the cheerleaders, the mascot aad the team but the most important thing is the fans uch we need >> reporter: the next game at home isn't for a while but next game for the ravens is on to get out to miss shirley's. we ave a new ight song. >> the new fight song was sung great. we ant everybody to go fight, fiiht, learn the words especially when the steelers are coming to baltiiore we waa.
8:34 am
ú% want to ram ittdownntheir -hroat.ú -ocking.ter: this place is they are looking good. when yyu hear the music and the cheerleaders, you know it must ú% the ravvn caraaan. >> i liie that, ram it down their throats. no matter where you are ú%om. we areeloooing for all of you ravens fans outtthere to send us your hotos showing yourr ú%
8:35 am
8:36 am
makeuu tips to help you get a fresh start to the newwseasoo. makeup artist and model are here with us this morning with great
8:37 am
tips to help us llok good here. >> bla ll see in a little bit what is going on in the makeup room. hopefully the jets are paying attention because they're going to need makeup to cover up the bruises. %-movinn in n sunday early.
8:38 am
as we looo at the sky, wwtch hd radar, you're seeing dry conditions and partly clouuyy skies being eported at the -nnerrharbbr. 63 is theetemperature right now. 29.93 and rising on the barometer. here we're looking atgrees and temperrtures around theewwole state. we're at 63 in baltimore, d.c. the same, dwn innsalisbury the 56 degrees. hagerrtown the same. the dew points are in the 40s today. -hat is going to make for a very nice, dry day and very comfoorable condittons even though the inds will be breezy like yesterday, but all in all very nice day this friday, nice3 way to ead into the weekend around high pressuue. of air the northerly flow of ir will be replaced by a nor southerly ffow of moisture ccming up our ú%at will be due to the remnants of hermine which was a troppcal system in. getting here late saturday and ad had a of th!!ahead of that f.
8:39 am
by unday that front should be pushing throogh and getting a whole lot better to starttthe 75 degrees the temperaaure that we eepeet to get for the high ii the eastern shore area. northwest wind at 10-15 miles per hour. in the northern part of the state expect o get 75 degrees typically we will get up to 80 degrees, but we are definitely cooler than average.o maryland, a 10-15-mile-an-hour wind. clear skies and the winds tomorrow 88 degrees with mostly sun me skies early. day especially when we could see showers then. monday the best tiie to expect the showers in the early part of the day. 82 degrees on monday, a lot of sunshine. feeling veryygood. we will be very excited because the ravens play laterrthat night and 81 celebrating on tueeday
8:40 am
would mostly sunny skies. 71 and 74, wednesday and thursday also with mostly sunny skies, but cooler in the iddle of neet week. let's see what is happening on thheroadways with lauren cooke. laurennú >> repooter: , thank you, steve. we are deal with slow speeds on many of our main lines, we're only looking at 7 milesspee hour clocking in on the northbound lanes of wwitemarsh. heavy delays oo the top side ofú the beltway, due to a craah on the outer loop attcharles as we take a live look, you will notice it's going to be jam packed at 83. do be prepared for a very, verr slowwride if you are travvlinn in the area. as for the west side, checking at hh harford roadd the delays l exist all the way to pprkville. %-ride from 795 to 5.3-minute if traveling on the jfx to get -nto the city that will be clear. we are dealing with two accidents one on north washington street and another is
8:41 am
going to be on south patterssn park avenue aateastern avenue. we do have another crash at baltimore county, at kingsville3 at bel air road. that is the traffic edge rrport. patrice and megan, back to you. having a heart attack. how one man tweeted through a meeical emergency. -p and next the self proclaid queen of all media has goo a lot of on her behind. what win williams as to say today is the day i double down.
8:42 am
[ male announcer ] the kfc double down. double meat, double cheese, double bacon. double awesome. get yours today. so good. ♪ so s-o g-double-o-d good
8:43 am
how you'd doing? it's the tag line of the wendy williams show. ú%w she is back for anotter round. they are making her available to talk with us. good morning, wendy??3
8:44 am
>> good morning, patrice, good morning, everybody. >> i donnt say it as well as you can do. caa you do it for me. the how you'd doinn? >> how you'd doing? >> i can't comeeclose to that. congrattlations you're back for another season. thank you so much for supporting..3 i couldnnt dooit without. ú%er the moon living the dream, monday is the big day. of the newwseason. >> and what are we in store for the new season? >> we know what we had last season. we know what ---ssmewhat whht to things to thhoo at us. >> we don't want to tifnger with ther --tinker with the show too. you vote me to stay on the iland. >> i got a brann new set. >> nice beautiful hardwood floors.
8:45 am
lot.ú i will be wearing some heels but preserve the sexy of the floor. we haaeejoan and melissa rivvrs %-gging to be starring, realiy show. we are going to have teraji henson and kristen. shannon dougherty and charles. >> you ave a whole line up. >> oh, es. you know, you have to put some thought into thhs, you now. i mean, we divv in with both feet and certainlyy you know, we're live out of new york. so live meann anything cculd happen. >> yes.3 -p>> but you know, we have our celebrity friendssthat aree3 definitely going to be visiting %-populaa demand, more juicy hoú topics, more ask wendy.
8:46 am
more fashion shows. >> wendy, it sounds like we are getting a lot of things that people enjoy and like about the what issthis thing about people wanting to tonn down the show. what does thattmean nd is there a way to tonn ddwn wendy wwlliims first of all. >> d i like like i can be toned down. >> quustion answered. >> yeah, no. you know, what? i'm iving you what you watch the show for. i'm slightly cookie, sensible, wife and mother of new jersey, i'm 46 years old but i definiiely embrace the 25 years old girl n me. and to tilttmy wigs and laughle -p. >> reeorter:!!roriously. >> and that's why peopleeare going to watch for another season. >> it's wendy. >> we willlall tune in. >> thank you so much. bye patrice, thank you,
8:47 am
well, max, first day... moh-ohm. -do you have your lunch? -yes. and you know where your classroom is? uh huh. mom, i can walk from here. what about your... mom, i got it. ♪ [ female announcer ] they're never too big for a little something sweet. kellogg's rice krispies treats.
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my name is...peggy. what usis problem, please? peggy? sure...well... suddenly it looks like i'm being charged a $35 annual fee. yes? tell me it's a mistake. yes? are you saying yes or are you asking yes? yes? peggy? peggy? anncr: want better customer service? switch to discover. ranked #1 in customer loyalty. it pays to discover. almost 8% of americans suffer from diabetes. a disease hat if left untreated can cause serious problems loss of vision. as dr. marshal explains, if you
8:50 am
have the diseass, you also suffer a greater riskkof ú%ffering a cardiovascular event. higher the risk is. buu now british researchhrss3 suggest if you have diabetes, you face twice the risk of sufffring a cardiovascular eveet.ú the researchers compiled data3 near 675,000 people. they were surppised to see thht the increased risk was partially due to the usual suspectss cholesterol, and that suggests that diabetes may play a roll in heart attack ann strooe in some too much blood sugar can damage blood vessel walls, makiig it easier for fatty depositssto form. can lead to heart aatack or stroke. almost 8% of the
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
when someone has a heart attack, they usually grab the phone and call 911. >> but as jeanne mose tells us one man did grab the phone but reason. >> reporter: it would have beee tommy christopher's last tweet. he was living tweeting. >> i dot t got to be me. >> reporter: his only regret is that he waan't whittier. tommy is a political reporter forra website called media it but instead of asking questions at the white house, he answers ours, vvaaskype from a new jeerey hospital here he is having a double bypass. >> parameeics think i will livee >> reporter: the 2 years old was driving back from the beach with family when he had the
8:54 am
heart attack. while someone called 911, tommy texted his 5 years old saying he was thinking of him aad then he started tweeting after paramedics wwrked. tommy can afffrd to joke, since he lived to tell abouu it. also telling jokes about ittwas jay leno. >> he is not worried about him losing his life, because >> reporter: we are thinking that tweeting your lif heart atk is the frontier. was awakened by a guy breaking into her house with two knives. and this kansas city woman ú%eeteddas she gave birth to her baby boy. >> did it between contractions. >> reporter: and heidi tweeted giving herself a soft tissue breast essage. ladiee, we got to keep the immaterial planimplants soft.
8:55 am
but tweeting yoor heart attack, could ive somebody a heart attaak. >> my haans were shaaing. >> reeorter: tommy did make a tie owe going to get a %-catheterization. as that one had tommy lll. >> classic, jay, i could till die. >> reporter: but for now his tweeter account stiil has a paul. still hurts even after the morphine. >> new york. >> uubelievabbe. >> ou know, how was he allowed to do that in the hospital? isn't he supposed to turn that off when you get in the x-ray %-presence of mind. he had the
8:56 am
i don't understand. >> everything about everything that is going on in your day and in your life. >> too much information. >> it would be interesting the woman who gave birtt. that could be interesting, if youuare having your heart attack that, could be it. do you want to spend your last minute tweeting. >> tweet us afterryou have the3ú baby, not ddrinn. p> maybe that takes theer mind off the pain. >> maybe, who knows. >> very interesting. should we tweet steve to tell him that we are about to toss it -o him. >> yes, because he somebody else that we want to see. >> is that freeking out a little bit. this is alley ann she needs a home. go ahead and sing along. she ain't nothing but. >> and something else because she is a mix, 2 years oll. anybody guess what she is a mix ú%th? >> mixed witt a little zebra.
8:57 am
she is 2 years old. she doesn'' want tooh see any cs pllying pianos. go to the spca or contact them we got a lot of dogs and cats and other animals, too. %-as far as the weather is concerned, though, 77 degrees, nice day to take the og for a long walk with comfortable conditions. 77 degrees with mostly sunny skies and 80 tomorrow, another pleasant day before the clouds roll inn look for the showers to move, ú%ough, as we get into late saturday, probably a bbtter chance early on sunday with a 82, lots of sunshine for monddy, tuesday, 81, mostly sunny. thuusday. it's like a really nice work, it's just the rain that we suitly need, though, early sunday. p> deeinitely. >> it's funny. it feels nnce in theeday, but in the morning when we go to our cars, it's freezing. >> this is the time of the year
8:58 am
when you can definitell get cooler dayssand warmer afternnons. >> i don't know why i'm shocked. >> it has been over a year. >> and fall is how mmny days away. >> 22ndd-- the 21st -- >> in is the 10th. >> thooght you told me. >> you remember the time. >> 11 days. >> yeah. >>because steve can't remember,ú thii is why h!! we o this. kids are back in school and you know what that. the weather kid wednesday is back in session. get. if you want your kid to be aa3 part of it have a principal, ú%unselor oo teacher to send the nomination to 2,000 west 41st street, baltimore 21211. it's football season. we wann you tt go online and pick theenames with us. we all went onllne and picked ú%e whole week's worth.
8:59 am
>> did you pick the saints last >> i picked the saints. >> i'm going with a big pset, houston, texas are going to beaú the indianapolls colts. >> i think i ent with the colts. >> maybe i need to change nnw3 [ lauuhter ] >> o avens! we will sse you back heree3 monday. >> have a great weekend. >> purple monday.

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